Studded Snapback – Snake Red Bottom, Luxury Snapback

There has been a bit of a craze behind our custom snapbacks. Particularly, our studded snapbacks. Our first model we created, the “Studded Snapback – Miami Bear Leopard, Black and Red w/ Buckle” is in its third re-stock and going strong. It’s been featured on tons of blog and websites such as and many others.

The Best Studded Snapback! Luxurious, Classy, Chic & Fashionable!Studded snapback, snake skin red bottom front view



We decided to add a few alternate models to the already famous Miami Bear collection. The “Miami Bear Snake, Red Bottom” model has also been a major addition and as expected, has been flying off the shelf.

It’s unique, yet, popular features are what really make it stand out from the rest.

It begins with the main top area in a flat black, perfectly molded to fit any head shape. Details such as the air holes within the top area are also delicately stitched to match the dark top. The top button has a specific gray color shade which perfectly matches with the brim (which we’ll get to later), making it the perfect accent to sit atop the masterpiece.

Moving down, the left side of the dope snapback features our Rebul Collection logo embroidered with perfection in the 2 best partnering color tones. The “Rebul” text is in white as the “Collection” sits below it in the rose red tone. On the opposite side, you have the secondary Rebul logo variation “The R with the Palm Tree” also in the same 2 tones. The white and the red for perfect stand-out-ness.

snapbacks, snapbacks, hats, studded snapbacks, red bottom, luxurious snapback

Front view of the Studded snapback – displays front logo and studs

snapbacks, snapbacks, hats, studded snapbacks, red bottom, luxurious snapback

Zoomed in front view of luxury snapback

The front of the studded snapback displays our signature “Miami Bear” logo which is also featured on the other studded snapbacks within this line. The difference of this one, is that the bear’s face, is made out of premium faux snake skin which hypnotizes you with its luxurious dark gray color and its blacked out shades. The bear itself is rocking our snapback made our of the same white and red tones throughout.

The brim, which is one of the most, if not the most important part of the hat, is made with precision. The top of the brim is laced with the same dark gray snake skin, perfectly stitched to wrap around the edges white the bottom of the brim is colored in red. Yes, exactly!! This red bottom style gives it an extra bit of luxury to the equation. Now guys can say they are rocking a red bottom on their head..and it be true.

snapbacks, snapbacks, hats, studded snapbacks, red bottom, luxurious snapback

Red bottom of the bill shown in the image above

The featured detail on the brim of our luxury studded snapback are the 7 custom hand-screwed metal studded spikes. They have a chrome polished color, and stick out just enough to give it a classy look, without it looking ridiculous and tasteless. Don’t forget that all of our snapbacks, including this one come with our custom Rebul circular brim sticker which you can choose to keep, or remove (as you can read on our previous post).

snapbacks, snapbacks, hats, studded snapbacks, red bottom, luxurious snapback

The back of the snapabck with the metal buckle.

Now to the back of the snapback, where the magic happens. In the back we have the altered buckle strap opposed to the classic button snaps. This gives the hats a lot more of a “custom” look as well as making it cooler for you to rock it backwards.  The strap is fabricated out of the same dark gray snake skin, and it locked by a golden buckle. If you notice, we also have one of our custom embroidered labels stitched on the left side. One side has our logo and the other says “Miami”.

snapbacks, snapbacks, hats, studded snapbacks, red bottom, luxurious snapback

zoom in of the inside detial of the studded snapback.

The rest of the inside of the hat is made meticulously to match our desired needs. We have our 2 embroidered labels put on there. One of them is our signature Bear in teal and pink color tone as well as the other label that reads “Snapback, one size fits most“. When looking at the inside of the hat, one other thing you will notice is the several stitched strips with out logo printed on them.

We feel like everything is in the detail. If we don’t care about being perfectionists, the why would you want to add this custom studded snapback to your collection?

Now that you’re convinced, click below to get it for yourself!


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