Studded Snapback – Ahead of the Game.

This week we will be reviewing our latest Studded Snapback from the most recent “Miami Bear” collection. This hat is the first of it’s kind we’ve put out, but based on the reaction we’ve gotten so far, we plan on having plenty more with a similar style put out. Here you will find out all of the ins and outs that come with this snapback and what makes it one of the freshest ones we manufactured.

First of all, let me tell you why… Because we can!


The new addition to our snapback hat line is the 3/4” metal studs. These 7 spikes are hand-screwed on about 1.5” apart from one another in a symmetrical fashion to assure swag-ness. Studded snapbacks have been making an appearance in late 2012, which is why we decided to create a few of our own…. just making it a bit more custom than most and affordable as well. (That always helps). Centered, on the top of the bill we also have out featured chrome rounded sticker displaying the company logo.

The bottom of the bill is very simple, yet complex. It has the same leopard pattern covering the entire area with the 7 back ends of the spiked studs that have been screwed on. Simple, yet classy. The strap of the snapbacks has been altered from all other models we have put out. in this specific studded snapback, we switched the standard plastic snaps with a leopard strap accented with a gold-colored buckle. Yes, like a miniature belt. The measurements are very universal and generally match up with the snap holes, so that’s not an issue. We’ve also added a new embroidered small label here which has the “Rebul” logo sticker on one side and on the reverse, the word “Miami”. Fresh. Another really cool, detailed part has to be the inside of the snapback (the inside of the part that goes in your head). We have the “Rebul” logo printed across the vertical and horizontal lines and added a new embroidered label displaying the teal and pink bear logo. Very unique.

The main top area (the one that wraps your head) is solid black with black perfect stitching surrounding all of the foldings. This main area also is surrounded with 6 gray air holes on the top to provide air flow into your head and out of the hat. The top button is gray as well and its main purpose is to provide support and to hold the hat “slabs” together. The front of the snapback hat has our trademarked bear logo delicately embroidered to every detail. It has a flat red snapback on it’s head with the bill and strap in white. The original clear glasses the bear has have been replaces with the dark solid black shades. The bear himself (usually in blue) has been covered in a leopard fabric pattern which only makes it fresher.

Looking at the hat from the front, across the left side, we have the “Rebul Collection” logo embroidered in white and red to match the front design and on the right side of the hat we have out short logo symbol (The Rebul “R” along with a palm tree) also embroidered in red and white. In the back of the snapback hat, on the upper area, we have the word “Miami” embroidered in red outlined in black so everyone knows where we came from and what we represent.

The best past about us is that we always move with the times. Where most other street wear lines put out 1 collection and stop, we don’t. We research the urban world and see what people are talking about and what everyone is wearing. We do however, remain true to our principals. As urban fashion progresses, we are see that small details are everything in today’s world, so we’ve gone out and out this studded snapback out to meet those needs. You wont find many luxury snapbacks out there, with our quality and better yet our prices. Guaranteed. We know swag doesn’t come cheap, but no one ever said anything about it being unobtainable. Let’s get started with the review of Rebul Collection’s latest Studded, cheetah strap snapback.

Overall, this studded snapback is definitely one for the person who loves snapbacks and enjoys collecting them. It isn’t like your basic run-of-the-mill type of adjustable hat, it’s the definition of SWAG. Make sure you get it, it will be worth it!

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