New Release - Miami Heat Inspired “THE KING NEVER L3FT” Shirt

We were all victims of LeBron's famous "Decision 2.0" Friday, July 11th just around noon. Whatever your feelings toward it, it happened and can't be taken back. Some will say that "it's his home" and "he should go there if that's where he was raised", sure, and i think that in the beginning, most Miami Heat fans felt that way... however, once some small secrets started to surface about his departure and the way he went about it again, reality really sank in and most of us started to raise some brows. 

Sure, we can all admit that it was fun while it lasted and that from the moment he came to Miami he instantly became our number 1 guy... our own superhero... the God who would take us to glory. He was. Now, he's simply left a salty taste in what almost seems like "tainted seasons" meanwhile making us put our true king, Dwyane Wade, in the back burner. 

Dwyane Wade inspire t-shirt the king never left

Well, from the ashes one must rise and from forgotten one must remember. D.Wade, you've been our boy since 04. You got us our first Championship in 06. Your single-handedly put yourself as a role player for the World's greatest, LeBron. We're here to let you know, we haven't forgotten about you and will prove to you, we are here with you till the end. 

This design is a simple representation of Miami’s true king. The one who was always here. The one who never left.
We are loyal to you and appreciate your loyalty in return. Like you said yourself, “My City, My Home, My House”. Miami is here with you.

This white short sleeve t-shirt features the phrase “The King Never Left” in classic Miami red and black. The bold letters are meant to make it really send a message.

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