This is a great article for the ladies that like men tees and want to customize them to fit their personal style. We want to thank Andrea Christine for writing and featuring us on her blog SimplyFasionTv !


SFTV Rebul Collection

Have you ever seen a super cool t-shirt and couldn’t get it because it wasn’t in your size? Well, I was asked by  Rebul Collection to show you a few of their tee’s and how you can cut them to make them your own!

My favorite shirt from their collection is FAME. It’s a graphic tee with a leopard print and red design that’s so freaking cute!

FAME - Black, Red and Leopard T-Shirt

FAME – Black, Red and Leopard T-Shirt -$25

The other t-shirt I like from them is the Lovers Haters 3D top. I love the 3D design! It’s so unique and very cool. It even comes with a pair of 3D glasses which turns the peace sign into a middle finger. In their description on the site it says, “ If you don’t have haters, you’re not doing something right.” Love it.

Lovers Haters 3D - White T-Shirt

Lovers Haters 3D – White T-Shirt -$25

The great thing is both tee’s I mentioned are only $25! They’re men’s t-shirts, so you can just cut them into a design that’s more fitting to your body. It’s almost like customizing it so that you have something unique.

Here’s a fantastically wonderful blogger that shows you how to cut a tee shirt: LoveMaegan >> Oversized Cropped Take Or Vest DIY. Just remember you can literally do anything and you can be as creative as you want to be :)

About a year ago, one of my favorite YouTube Guru’s @AndreasChoice created a video about how to ‘upcycle’ t-shirts. I’ll embed it here so you can see a few other fun way to make these awesome tees your own!


As a side note, Rebul Collection also has this silicone wristband that I love! It says “Be Humble – Stay Classy.” Bonus: It’s only $3!

"Be Humble - Stay Classy" Black Silicone Wristband

“Be Humble – Stay Classy” Black Silicone Wristband – $3






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