Back 2 Basics - New products to hold you off till Spring!

We just released  our new collection title "Back 2 Basics". The reason for the name is that we wanted to push a plain "All Black Everything" feel with very minimal designs. Thus far, it's completely exceeded expectation and the demand is high.

Rebul_Collection_Black_Bolt_largeWe started it off with our latest Lightning bolt shaped R tee. It's a premium design with a clean black on black feel. We know a lot of people like to be discreet with their fashion so we decided to help you guys out.                                                                                 The Champagne Campaign t-shirt has been in high demand. The concept is simple as mentioned by rapper 50 Cent meanwhile still sending the baller message. The third t-shirt we featured was the selfie Fuck t-shirt. Yes yes we know, why be so vulgar? Why not is the questions... everything now-a-days seems to break all barriers of "who can do the craziest thing", we just wanted to push the fashion envelope. Take a selfie, fake a life as they say.

The next 3 designs are pretty dope too. Future, New World Order and Role Model have been some of the most sought out designs. The simplicity in the designs and their bold statements are what make everyone fall in love with them. Our job is to help you, the singer, the rapper, the creative designer, the average joe, look dope and know the trends, we've done that very well with this collection. Make sure to stop by and get one of each! 









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