A Lung Called Quest (COTA) - Andres Perez white t-shirt
A Lung Called Quest (COTA) - Andres Perez white t-shirt

A Lung Called Quest (COTA) - Andres Perez

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Andres, known as Andrew by his family and friends, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) at birth. CF is a genetic disease which affects the respiratory and digestive systems. Click here to learn more about CF.

Growing and living with CF was never easy. Andrew's schedule was overwhelmed by doctor’s appointments and regular medical treatments. His days were riddled with medication. Yet, Andrew always made the best of it. At most, he would describe growing up with CF as “kind of annoying”.
His mom, Adriana, says that despite the constant medical appointments and treatments, Andrew was very active as a kid. He spent whatever time he could participating in basketball, soccer and football. His favorite being soccer. Despite his active nature, he frequently had to pause his activities to go through treatment or take medication. Other than that, he says, he didn't feel much different from the other kids. Maria, his younger sister, said “He was a great soccer player. Very fast with great ball control. He’s the reason I got into soccer. He always pushed me to get better, and I really appreciate that about him”.
Defying all odds, Andrew has recently turned 30. He has expressed that he never thought he would make it to 18. Instead, he has been able to build a life and a family with his wife Jenny. They now have two beautiful children, Jacob and Allison, and their adorable dog, Cane. "I'm amazed by the progress of the medication available and amazed that I made it past my 18th birthday."
“I firmly believe Andrew’s active nature was his saving grace” says, his youngest sister, Ale. “I didn’t realize the toll this disease can take on someone until much later in life”. Aside from excessive coughing, Andrew never seemed too affected. Nothing ever fazed him.  It wasn't until 2008, at age 21, that his active lifestyle came to a standstill. While playing flag-football with his friends, Andrew suffered a severe fracture in his lower leg. The fracture caused him to be confined to a wheelchair for six months. Being that CF is a progressive disease, this stagnation took its toll on the integrity of his respiratory system. “It’s been downhill from there.”
In December of 2014, the doctors at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, have recommended a life-saving lung transplant. At the time of the first meeting, the doctors at Duke estimated that it would 2 years until Andrew would need to go through with the transplant. Once the procedure has been completed, they would have to monitor his vitals closely for a year before Andrew can go back home to his loving family in Miami, Florida. 
“It is time”.
Andrew and his mom made the move to North Carolina on Sunday, March 12, and beganthe transplant process on Monday the 13th.  
The Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) is a national charity dedicated to organizing and guiding communities in raising funds for transplant-related expenses. In Miami, volunteers are raising an estimated $75,000 for COTA in honor of Andres Perez.
Andrew, his family, and COTA would like to express their gratitude for taking the time to learn about him and his cause.

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A Lung Called Quest (COTA) - Andres Perez white t-shirt